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Alliance Manufacturing, Inc., specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of aqueous industrial parts washers and parts cleaning equipment for the industrial products market. We have put together a collection of parts cleaning equipment application case studies as a resource for our customers. The extensive variety of parts cleaning challenges that Alliance has helped solve, and the numerous industries we have served, further demonstrate that Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. is an expert in the field of industrial parts cleaning.

Alliance parts cleaning machines are being used to clean a multitude of components. With our variety of configurations and optional accessories, Alliance can engineer and manufacture a solution that will meet or exceed critical cleaning requirements.

Just a few of the components that Alliance has cleaned include:

  • Machined parts
  • Stampings
  • Cold headed parts
  • Assemblies
  • Weldments
  • Molds/dies
  • Pre-paint/phospatizing
  • Hobbed gears
  • Castings
  • Plated parts
  • Lapped parts
  • Sintered metals
  • Powdered metals
  • Fineblanked parts
  • Screw machine parts
  • Tooling
  • Plastic/fiberglass
  • Returnable dunnage