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Automotive Parts Cleaning

Industrial Parts Washers for the Automotive and Automobile Industry

Alliance has a vast array of automotive parts washing systems that can handle the most difficult of automotive parts washing applications. Alliance has manufactured equipment to clean many automotive components for OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. Parts must be prepared for final finishing, and be free from coolants, oils, chips, adhesives, grease, and dirt. Many automotive parts require that contaminants be removed from part features such as blind holes and internal passages, and Alliance has a track record of providing washers that can do just that. Common automotive components that can be cleaned on a parts washer include: Engine components, engine blocks, bumpers, oil pans, oil pumps, drive train components, manifolds, cams, pistons, vacuum housings, brake cylinders, clutch parts, rods, shafts, rotors, exhaust components, bearings, steering components, suspension components, brake calipers, part trays, and many more.

Parts washer for automotive connecting rods
Cleaning Chevy and Toyota vehicle bumper beams in cabinet washer
Part washer for cleaning brake calipers
Cleaning machine for transmission components
Cleaning vacuum housings and oil pump housings
Cleaning multiple automotive parts on inline parts washer
Cleaning shock tubes on parts washer
Washing automotive bearing fingers
Cleaning automotive sun gears
Parts washer for exhaust component cleaning
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