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parts washers by Alliance Manufacturing Inc. Alliance Manufacturing Fond du Lac Wisconsin

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative solutions for industrial parts cleaning applications.

Alliance has built a full range of aqueous parts washers to meet a wide variety of parts cleaning needs. We believe that our continued growth is the result of superior engineering, creative solutions and customer satisfaction.

Parts Washer by Alliance Parts Washer by Alliance

Creative engineering, quality construction and easy maintenance features are an integral feature of every Alliance aqueous cleaning system.

Alliance's industrial parts washers are offered in conveyor belt, monorail, rotary drum and batch style designs. Standard parts washers can also be customized to meet the special requirements of our customers.

Alliance configures each machine to meet the requirements of the customer.

Alliance parts washers are engineered to meet floor space requirements, energy requirements, and even visual appearances as requested by each customer. They can be designed to interface with existing equipment and automation devices.

Parts Washer by Alliance Parts Washer by Alliance

Alliance cabinet washers include many standard features that other manufacturers consider optional.

Our use of stainless steel fabrication, vertical seal-less pumps, level controls with automatic water make-up, low water safety shut-off, easy chip/debris removal, direct drive turntable, sloped tank bottoms, and bolt-on clean-out doors are all standard features.

Parts Washer by Alliance Parts Washer by Alliance

When specially engineered cleaning systems are required, Alliance delivers with unmatched expertise, dedication and service.

Innovative engineering and quality craftsmanship enables us to effectively accomplish the requirements of complex cleaning applications.

No cleaning challenge is too great.

The highly experienced engineering staff at Alliance can design unique parts cleaning systems for our customers when standard designs don't make the cut. This Aquamaster DP-Series washer utilizes a dip-and-rinse configuration with belt flights for small parts, and is designed for limited floor space.

Indexing Cleaning System

With an increased demand for work cells and automated manufacturing, handshake synchronization is an integral feature.

Custom-designed fixtures convey parts through the cleaning system holding parts securely and in precise positions to effectively meet cleanliness and dryness requirements.

Cabinet Washer by Alliance Cabinet Washer by Alliance

Innovations in batch cleaning

The Aquamate RT is a top-loading cabinet-style parts cleaning system designed for batch processing and lower volume parts cleaning.

We offer the RT series in a variety of table diameters and product heights to suit your individual parts and floor space requirements.

Parts Washer by Alliance

Alliance can engineer and build manual or fully automated parts cleaning equipment.

Palletized conveyorized cleaning systems are typically a single rail tabletop style conveyor, designed for shuttling parts in a manufacturing work cell. These systems are commonly used in manufacturing cells for flexible factory automation.

Dunnage Cleaning Parts Washer Dunnage Cleaning Parts Washer

Handling clean dishes with dirty hands makes as much sense as placing clean parts on dirty dunnage.

Naturally, soils transfer to the clean parts and they often become unusable. Alliance builds a line of washers specifically designed for cleaning a variety of reusable containers, pallets, vacuum-formed trays, lids and totes.

Why choose Alliance?

easy maintenance part washer 
  • Complete, safe, unobstructed access to all process zones ("Full-Access" Canopy)
  • Convenient tank accessibility with hinged clean-out doors and sloped tank bottoms
  • Quick-release spray nozzles
  • Slide-out upper/lower spray manifolds
  • Drop-in style heating elements
  • Efficient water filtration

  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Brand-name components
  • Robust design
  • Aesthetically appealing and easy to clean
  • Attention to detail

  • Engineered per customer application
  • Innovative designs that adapt to change
  • Easily interface with system integrators and automation devices
  • Ability to meet customer electrical and mechanical specifications, floor space requirements, and more
  • Many optional accessories available

  • Experts in manufacturing parts washers for over 20 years
  • Over 900 machines sold
  • Qualified staff using latest technology
  • In-house mechanical and controls engineers

  • Numerous repeat customers
  • Timely service
  • Cleanliness testing to verify performance
  • Environmentally friendly detergents
  • Concern for the success of our customers


specially engineered

Specially Engineered Systems

Alliance has designed and manufactured many custom-engineered parts cleaning systems from concept to completion. Working within customer-specified parameters, Alliance engineers have designed parts washing systems for limited floor space, special parts handling requirements, and one-of-a-kind applications.

oil removal

Oil Removal Equipment

Oil removal can be critical in parts cleaning applications. Alliance manufactures oil skimmers and oil coalescing equipment. These oil removal systems are extremely efficient and aid in conserving cleaning solutions and machine coolants. Alliance oil removal systems are highly effective and require minimal maintenance.

alliance water icon

Water-Based Solutions

Not sure what cleaning chemicals you should be using in your new parts washer? Our engineering staff will help guide you on the best cleaning chemistry for your process to ensure your parts meet or exceed your cleanliness requirements.

other resources

Other Resources

We offer a variety of services to satisfy the cleaning requirements of our customers. Some of our ancillary services include free application analysis, test cleaning, service maintenance contracts, installation supervision, start-up assistance, and equipment rental.