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Industrial Parts Washer

Water-based industrial parts washing and cleaning systems designed for cleaning a wide variety of manufactured parts, production volumes, component materials, and parts ranging from small to large sizes.

PCB/Electronics Washer

The Nu/Clean line of aqueous parts cleaning machines was developed for cleaning printed circuit boards and electronic components. The Patented “FloodBox” offers the most innovative cleaning process in the industry.
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Vacuum Degreaser

Vacuum degreasing is designed for precision and critical parts cleaning applications. These closed loop systems are the perfect alternative to traditional open-top vapor degreasing equipment.


Our R3 program was developed for sustainable repurposing of used parts cleaning machines. We will inspect, clean, and refurbish parts washers to bring them back into service at an affordable price.

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. is an industrial parts washer manufacturer and supplier of parts cleaning systems for use in a wide variety of industries.

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc., incorporated in 1994 in Fond du Lac, WI, is a manufacturer of industrial parts washers and electronic component cleaning systems. We specialize in the conceptual design, engineering, and manufacturing of water-based (aqueous) industrial parts washers and vacuum degreaser cleaning systems for the industrial products market. Our engineers have developed a full line of cleaning systems, including belt, chain, monorail, front/top loading cabinet, indexing, return-to-operator, compact cell, rotary drum, oil removal equipment, and custom systems engineered for specific cleaning applications. Our machines are designed to meet the production and cleanliness requirements of our customers.

From small companies to multi-national corporations, we have manufactured industrial parts washers and cleaning systems for a wide variety of customers across several industries. Our industrial parts washing machines are currently being used to clean components for OEM and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive, agricultural, aviation, alternative energy, appliance, construction, defense, electronic, screw machine, heavy equipment, housewares, marine, mass transportation, small engine, medical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. The predominant market served is automotive. Alliance has supplied industrial parts washing machines to U.S. manufacturers as well as several international companies.

Applications & Industries Served

Agriculture | Alternative Energy | Automotive | Aviation and Aerospace | Defense and Military | Electronics and Electrical | Firearms and Ammunition | Food and Beverage | General Manufacturing | Heavy Equipment and Construction | HVAC and Plumbing | Marine | Rail and Transit | Remanufacturing and Repair | Medical and Pharmaceutical | Small Engine | Tools and Measuring Devices

Why Choose Alliance?

Our Customers Say

“Alliance Manufacturing provides sound machines that meet all our expectations and perform great under our harsh working environment.”

Brian B., Mechanical Engineer – NSK Steering Systems, Bennington, VT (Machines #545, 849, 852, 931, 932)

“The Alliance machine does an excellent job of cleaning our parts. It saves time by reducing material handling and it delivers parts to the next operation. In addition, with the externally mounted filter chambers, we can filter the water to meet cleanliness requirements. By keeping the water cleaner, it extends the life of the wash solution and chromate bath.”

Rick Stansel, Manufacturing Engineer – Fond du Lac, WI (Machine #184)

“It has been one month since we lowered the boiler and heat transfer pack to floor level. We are thrilled with how smoothly the machine is working. Heat up time and the quality of cleaning is excellent.”

Dan Roeper, President – New Hyde Park, NY (Machine #777)

“The washer is working quite well with the product we are washing, we hardly use any of the detergent. It seems that if we control the temp, the water itself gets the parts nice and clean.”

Duncan McCallum, Maintenance Coordinator – Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada (Machine #694)

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