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The Aquamaster CM industrial conveyor monorail parts washers are designed for integration into a variety of monorail conveyor systems or as standalone units. Monorail parts washers are best suited for high-volume production and in-line manufacturing operations.

Cleaning sinks on a monorail parts washer
Parts cleaning for marine and boat engine systems
Cleaning brake calipers and hydraulics components
Washer for sink manufacturer
Washer for cathode plates
Monorail industrial parts washers
Cleaning sinks on a monorail parts washer
Parts cleaning for marine and boat engine systems
Cleaning brake calipers and hydraulics components
Washer for sink manufacturer
Washer for cathode plates
Monorail industrial parts washers
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Cleaning sinks on a monorail parts washer
Parts cleaning for marine and boat engine systems
Cleaning brake calipers and hydraulics components
Washer for sink manufacturer
Washer for cathode plates
Monorail industrial parts washers
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Manufactured parts are transported through the parts cleaning system by way of an overhead monorail conveyor. Hangers are designed to hold parts without scratching the component’s surface, ensuring a firm fit and uniform travel through the parts washer as they progress through each process zone. Alliance monorail parts washers can accommodate a variety of part sizes and custom hanger designs.

Our monorail industrial parts washers are designed to accept internal or external monorail mounting to accommodate the customer’s existing monorail system. For external mount applications, the monorail system is located above the wash system. A dual brush configuration allows the hangers to pass through the machine while eliminating steam and vapor escape from the process zones.  For internal mount applications, the monorail structure passes through the parts washer, allowing the top of the unit to be completely closed.

Monorail parts washers are used to clean parts such as a metal plate, hose, brake caliper, tube, manifold, drive shaft housing, and hydraulic component.

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Features & Accessories

The following features and accessories are available on most Alliance parts washers. Standard features and available optional accessories will vary by machine model.

aqueous part washer removable canopy easy access

Alliance’s exclusive “Full Access” fiberglass canopy (U.S. Patent No, 5,630,435) provides unobstructed access to the interior of the machine. All parts cleaning equipment requires regular routine maintenance, and the “Full Access” canopy design provides greater access for maintenance and process adjustment.

stainless steel aqueous parts washer

The solution tanks on the Alliance parts washers are constructed of heavy gauge, Type 304 stainless steel for extended equipment life. Tank bottoms are sloped to allow for complete drainage.

tank access for parts washers

A hinged, gasketed clean-out door on the solution tank provides access to the tank interior for periodic maintenance. The door frame is flush to the tank bottom to facilitate easy tank cleaning. The tank bottom is pitched to the drain on the opposite side to prevent residual water from draining out of the clean-out door.

parts washer spray zone

Our new pull-out spray header design allows for quick and easy access to spray nozzles for cleaning and adjustments. With a few simple steps, both upper and lower spray manifolds can be completely pulled out of the machine and just as easily be put back into operation without the need for tools or complicated instructions.

industrial parts washer removable nozzles

Periodic maintenance of the nozzles is important for optimum machine performance. Clip-on spray nozzles allow for quick and easy removal, cleaning, and adjustment without the need for tools. Nozzles are made of polypropylene and are available in a variety of sizes and flow rates/angles.

Stainless Steel Spray Nozzles

Stainless steel nozzles have a standard NPT male thread and are screwed directly to interior spray piping. Stainless steel nozzles may be used in place of or in addition to PPRO spray nozzles.

Shed Sheet Spray-Down Nozzles

Additional nozzles are placed to spray down debris on the shed sheets and direct it toward the chip baskets and then to the solution tank. This helps reduce cleaning and maintenance time.

Automatic Water Fill with Safety Shut-Off

With water-based parts washers, evaporation occurs naturally. Water make-up can be done automatically, eliminating the need for the operator to monitor the solution level. A level sensor actuates a solenoid valve when the solution level is low, allowing water to enter the machine. The pump and heat source will shut off to prevent damage until solution reaches adequate levels.

Electric Heating Elements

The Firebar-style electric heating elements feature a flat surface geometry, which reduces scaling, coking, and degrading. Gas burner and steam heating systems are also available.

industrial parts washer electric heat

Alliance’s exclusive drop-in heating elements conserve resources and minimize machine downtime. The design incorporates a submersible watertight stainless steel junction box and tube extension, and is mounted through the top of the tank for quick removal and replacement. Standard heating elements are typically mounted horizontally through the tank sidewall, requiring the tank to be drained prior to inspection or replacement. These elements have an incoloy sheath which resists corrosion, and the flat surface geometry reduces debris build-up, extending the element’s lifespan.

Thermostat Controlled Heat

Operating at the correct solution temperature will optimize the cleaning performance and save on energy costs. A thermostat controller allows the operator to adjust the heat setting to achieve the desired operating temperature. Heating elements will automatically cycle on/off to maintain the set temperature.

Horizontal Solution Pump

A horizontal solution pump is available in varying materials and ratings depending on the cleaning application.

parts washer vertical solution pump

A vertical “seal-less” solution pump has no mechanical seals to wear out, and is mounted above the solution tank, minimizing maintenance and machine downtime.

Flat Wire Conveyor Belt

Parts are carried through the washer on a 1″ x 1″ open mesh, flat wire conveyor belt. The open mesh design is durable yet allows for maximum spray and blowoff impingement for optimal cleaning and drying. Stainless steel is standard. Multiple widths, mesh opening sizes, and belt materials are available.

Roller Conveyor Belt Support

Heavy duty stainless steel rollers with ball bearings support the flat wire conveyor belt. Rollers offer lengthened conveyor belt life and reduced maintenance.

Aqualescer - Oil Coalescing Sys

The “Aqualescer” is an oil coalescer with stainless steel parallel plate design for removing floating oils from aqueous cleaning solutions and process tanks. These oil coalescers are also offered in mild steel construction for machine coolant tank applications. Five (5) standard Aqualescer models are available. Sizes range from 0.5 GPM to 3.0 GPM flow rates.

Aquaskim - Oil Skimmer

The “Aquaskim” belt-type oil skimmer is designed for removing floating contaminants from parts washer bath, coolant sumps, and other oil-contaminated applications. The unit is constructed of stainless steel, utilizes a 4″ wide stainless steel oil skimmer belt, and has a lift-off fiberglass hood which covers internal components. The Aquaskim can remove up to 6 gal/hr of floating oils, depending upon the viscosity and solution condition.

Belt-Type Oil Skimmer

A belt-type oil skimmer removes floating contaminants from the surface of the solution. The 1” belt is constructed of stainless steel and can remove up to 0.5 gal/hr of floating oils as it passes by a scraper blade.

Exhaust Fan System

The exhaust fan system draws steam vapor from inside the washer for venting outside. External ducting is required.

losma mist collector aqueous washers

The mist collector exhaust system removes steam from the interior of the machine and vents directly to room atmosphere. Cooler room air is mixed with air from the wash system to assist in reducing moisture in exhaust air. Mist collectors can be used in place of conventional exhaust fans and do not require external ducting.

blow off air for part washers

Ambient blowoff removes gross amounts of moisture from parts. Air knives and/or air manifolds can be configured to be adjustable.

heated dry for aqueous parts washers

Heated blowoff is used when parts need to exit the machine 100% dry. Air knives and/or air manifolds can be configured to be adjustable.

Removable Chip Basket

E-Series models include rear tank access with a removable chip basket for coarse filtration.

filtration for aqueous parts washers

Micro-filtration includes an externally mounted filter chamber located on the discharge of the solution pump. A stainless steel inner basket holds a disposable bag that filters 100% of a cleaning solution. Filter bags are available in a range of micron sizes, sized based on the application. Filter chambers are available in a variety of capacities, configurations, and either stainless steel or mild steel construction. A contamination sensor can also be added to monitor filters and trigger an alarm condition.

Chemical Injection

Cleaning chemistry can be automatically added during operation by a water-driven proportional injector. The chemical injector automatically adds the desired percentage of chemistry, mixing water and chemical prior to entering the solution tank.

Product Load/Unload Sensor

Photo-eye product sensors located and the load and unload ends of the washer sense when a part is present on the conveyor. A timer in the control cabinet can be set so that the pumps, blowers, heat, and conveyor turn on or off in sequence depending on the presence of a part.

Tank Access (Front and Rear)

Front and rear tank access openings allow for easy periodic maintenance and inspection, which is beneficial when rinsing out debris and sediment during tank cleaning.

Split-Style Drain

The split-style drain port is designed to allow complete drainage of the tank for periodic inspection and cleaning. An overflow port is also included.

safety guarding for industrial parts washers

A light curtain sensor system with mesh guarding can be placed at the load or unload ends of the machine for operator safety. When the light curtain beam is broken, the power is shut off to the conveyor or servo drive to prevent injury.

For many parts cleaning applications, special conveyors may be beneficial. A variety of entrance and exit conveyors can be configured to aid in part loading and unloading. A 180° return conveyor may help reduce labor costs and part handling.