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Cleanliness Testing Lab

parts washer test labcleanliness testing

Cleaning effectiveness is an important factor to consider when purchasing an industrial parts washer. Alliance Manufacturing offers a state-of-the art test lab to verify the performance of our equipment.

Are you curious whether an Alliance industrial parts washer is right for your application? Send us your dirty parts, and we’ll provide you with a parts cleaning evaluation at no cost. Parts will be cleaned on our test washer and a report will be sent back to you.

Customers are invited to visit our production facility in Fond du Lac, WI, to see our test washer and cleanliness testing process in action.

Test Lab Capabilities:

  • Gravimetric testing (total mass)
  • Particle size (microscopic measurement in microns)
  • Dyne testing

Test Washer:

  • Aquamaster CB-2400XE
  • Multiple zones: wash, rinse, ambient blowoff/heated blowoff
  • Various belt speeds
  • 24″ conveyor belt width

Cleanliness Testing Kit:

We also provide a kit for our customers to perform their own testing: Cleanliness Testing Kit

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