Aqueous Parts Washer Systems

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in the conceptual design, engineering, and manufacturing of water-based (aqueous) industrial parts washers and parts cleaning systems for the industrial products market. Our engineers have developed a full line of aqueous parts cleaning systems, including belt, chain, monorail, front/top loading cabinet, indexing, return-to-operator, compact cell, rotary drum, oil removal equipment, and custom systems engineered for specific cleaning applications.  Our machines are designed to meet the production and cleanliness requirements of our customers.

Alliance Manufacturing is a leader in the industrial parts cleaning industry. Our machines are constructed primarily of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials. We offer several ease-of-maintenance features, such as our patented “Full-Access” canopy, hinged clean-out doors, pull-out spray headers, removable nozzles, drop-in heating elements, and more. Our cleaning systems are environmentally friendly, using aqueous solutions instead of harmful solvents.

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Top Load Cabinet Parts Washers

Aquamate RT

Our rotary table cabinet washers include many standard features not found with competitors’ machines: Direct-drive turntables, tank clean-out doors, solution level control with low water safety shutoff, and internal debris rinsing. One unique feature of Alliance cabinet washers is a centerless bearing turntable. The turntable is supported at the circumference, eliminating the need for a center bearing. This prevents a cleaning blind spot and allows the operator to load parts anywhere on the turntable with uniform cleaning results.

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