Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to sustainability practices in the manufacturing of our industrial parts washers, as well as in designing parts washers to be a sustainable option for our customers.  Read more on our sustainability initiatives below.

Solar Panel System

Keeping in line with our initiatives on sustainability and green manufacturing our solar panels at the Alliance production facility help lower our energy consumption and operating costs.

Washer Rebuild Program

Alliance has machines that have been in field operation for over 25 years. A great way to enhance sustainability is to breathe life into a tired machine and keep it up and running. By refurbishing an old machine through retooling or rebuilding, we can reduce waste, which is a plus for the environment.

Oil Removal Equipment

Two of the most common products used to remove tramp oil are oil skimmers and coalescers. Removing tramp oils from a water-based parts cleaning bath conserves the cleaning solution, thus reducing water consumption.

stainless steel parts washer

Aqueous Parts Washers

Through advances in water-based cleaning chemistries and education in industry, cleaning with water has become widely accepted as a preferred method for cleaning parts.

Vacuum Degreasing

Vacuum degreasing cleaning systems utilize self-contained solvents, offering both environmental and operator safety. Alliance is the exclusive U.S. distributor for ILSA Metal Cleaning Systems, an Italy-based manufacturer of enclosed vacuum degreasing metal cleaning systems.


Alliance recently developed the FlexSafe shopping cart sanitizer. The system is designed for automated sanitizing of shopping carts using minimal water and utility consumption.

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