Alliance would like to extend a special thank you to Ryan Wettstein of Weimer Bearing and Transmission. Weimer Bearing is a distributor of bearing and drive components. On a recent project, Alliance was working under a tight schedule to complete a custom indexing parts cleaning system for a very important customer cleaning aluminum front engine covers. The machine utilizes a matched set chain with attachments placed on precise centers for conveying the part fixtures through the cleaning system.

The chain manufacturer was running slightly behind on the delivery and when the chain arrived it was discovered that the spacing on the attachments was incorrect. This was huge problem since the machine due date was quickly approaching. We contacted Ryan and described the problem that we were experiencing. Ryan got on the problem ASAP. He contacted the chain manufacturer and pulled out all the stops to get us the correct chain in just two days.

We really appreciated Ryan’s help and the efforts of the chain manufacturer on this and as a result we were able to keep the machine on schedule.