Cleaning Cast Aluminum Lower Blocks (1022)

If you work in the automotive industry, then you know that parts need to be thoroughly cleaned before they can move on to assembly or any other finishing process. Using a parts washer for automotive applications is the quick and simple answer for eliminating dirt, grit, grime, grease, oil, and more in order to prepare surfaces for assembly or coating. An automated automotive parts washer provides more thorough cleaning than manual processes while saving a lot of time and labor costs associated with manual labor.

An Industrial operation is the pathway of the mechanism of an industry. It includes different types of operations depending on the nature of the task being performed, the material being processed and the product being made, etc. Where at one end, these types of technical operations are important; on the other end, one can never ignore the importance of washing and cleaning operations, especially in the automotive industry. Not only are these operations important but they are also necessary for the smooth working of small and large automotive products & equipment.

Aqueous Parts Washers in The Automotive Industry

Automotive parts washers are either aqueous or solvent-based. Solvent-based washers utilize solvents to quickly clean large amounts of material as well as delicate items that need low-temperature drying. However, some types of solvent-based washers use harsh chemicals that are found to be hazardous. On the other hand, aqueous units offer extremely effective cleaning by utilizing water-based solutions instead. Heat, pressurized water, soap, and agitation are all used in aqueous washers.

Applications of Automotive Part Washers

The applications of the automotive part washers will primarily include the varieties of a part which can be cleaned with these part washers. Engine parts, engine blocks, oil pans, oil/fluid pumps, drivetrain parts, manifolds, cams/camshafts, pistons, vacuum housings, brake cylinders, brake calipers, clutch parts, rods, shafts, rotors, exhaust parts, bearings, bumpers, steering system, suspension, seat belt components, part trays, and many more automotive components can all be cleaned with an automotive parts washer.

Parts Washer

Below are some of the important applications of automotive part washers:

The automotive part washers are used to perform cleaning and washing operations on the cast aluminum lower block. The cast aluminum lower block is abundantly used in the automotive sector. In order to perform its cleaning process, a conveyorized indexing cleaning system uses component fixtures to hold the customer’s parts in place as they are precisely cleaned and dried. The servo-driven indexing conveyor stops in precisely the right places in both the ambient blow-off zone and the regenerative blow-off zone to allow pneumatically actuated probing devices to dry the part cavities.

Automotive part washers can also be used to perform the inline cleaning of the steel shock tubes in order to enable them to perform their proper functioning. The preferred method for the cleaning of this material was inline aqueous cleaning.

Automotive part washers are also employed for the cleaning of the cast iron brake calipers, which are primarily employed in vehicle brake systems. For the cleaning of this material, again, aqueous cleaning is the preferred method.

Vehicle frames are widely manufactured from aluminum in the automotive industry, and for the cleaning process of this material, automotive part washers are used. These part washers are used to remove any dirt, debris, chips, grease, oil, etc.

Brake master cylinders require efficient and precise cleaning in order to free themselves of any debris, dirt, chips, or soluble coolant. Automotive part washers can carry out their cleaning process properly by using a customized rotary indexing cleaning system

Leader in Automotive Parts Washers

Alliance has a proven history of engineering washers that can effectively remove contaminants from part characteristics, including blind holes and internal channels, which are required for many automobile parts. The several car parts washing systems available from Alliance can handle even the most challenging tasks.

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