• Customer: Leader in outdoor recreational vehicles

  • Item to Clean: Aluminum crankcases, two halves

  • Contamination: Machine coolant and chips

  • Cleanliness Required: Cleanliness specification

  • Dryness Required: Gross moisture removed

  • Production Rate: Cycle time of 10 minutes per crankcase set or less if possible

  • Process Parameters: Heated wash and regenerative blowoff. Compressed air blowoff (timed) for blind holes and targeted areas quoted as an option

  • Machine Type: Aquamate SF-4848 (Stationary Fixture)

Customer Background

The customer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of powered outdoor recreational vehicles. Their lineup includes UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, snow sleds, pontoon boats, cruising boats, and motorcycles.


The customer needed to remove coolant and chips from the upper and lower halves of an aluminum crankcase assembly. Each part style was unique, yet needed to be washed within the same cleaning cycle. The parts had many critical surfaces and blind holes and meeting a strict cleanliness specification was required. The parts needed to exit with gross amounts of moisture removed.


Alliance provided a stationary fixture machine with heated wash and regenerative blowoff cycles. In addition to the general blowoff, a compressed air blowoff cycle was added to target critical part areas. The solution temperature will assist in further drying. The machine was programmed so that the same nozzles would be used for spraying wash solution and then for the compressed air blowoff cycle. Notable features of this machine include chemical injection, a contamination sensor for fine filtration, and an oil skimmer.