Patent Allowance Announcement:

Automatic Height Adjusting Air Knife Lift System

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. was recently awarded an allowance for a United States Patent application for our Automatic Height Adjusting Air Knife Lift System. This system is a major breakthrough for conveyorized parts cleaning systems that incorporate intermediate and final drying stages.
Parts are fed either manually or automatically onto a moving conveyor belt. The parts pass a sensing device, which measures the height of each batch of parts. As the parts travel through the machine, air knives are raised or lowered for optimal drying of parts. The system is available in single or multi-bank air knife configurations.
Notable benefits:
  • Air knives automatically adjust for optimal drying
  • No need to wait for a process zone to cool in order to make process adjustments
  • Improved operator safety, no manual adjustment required
  • On-the-fly process adjustment increases machine uptime

Air knives in a large parts washer

Measurement devices on either side of the conveyor of the load end

See the air knife lift system in action!