High-pressure parts washer
  • Customer: Manufacturer of electromechanical/electronic automotive components

  • Item to Clean: Automotive strut tubes, 2” diameter with bulge x 27” long

  • Contamination: Miscellaneous manufacturing soils

  • Process Parameters: Wash

  • Cleanliness Required: Visually clean

  • Dryness Required: Remove residual moisture

  • Production Rate: One tube every 10 seconds

  • Machine Type: Aquamate HP-3600 (Custom-Engineered)

Customer Background

The customer is a Tier-1 supplier for the automotive industry. The company is involved in research and development, manufacturing, and sales. Their products include OEM electromechanical and electronic automotive products. They also produce a line of aftermarket products.


The customer was seeking a high-pressure washer to clean manufacturing soils from automotive strut tubes to a visually clean appearance.

Parts washer for strut tubes


Alliance provided an Aquamate HP-3600 stationary high-pressure washer. Parts would cycle through the machine one every ten seconds. As one part is being removed, another will be cleaned with a high-pressure spray, and another will be dried with compressed air. Sensors are placed to detect if tubes are loaded correctly and not over maximum height, and another to make sure the tube is in place. Safety light curtains are also included. Customer requested alternative cat-style pumps and a compressed air blowoff.  Two filter chambers with removable filter bags are plumbed in series for progressive “stepdown” filtration. A custom color scheme was requested to match other machines in their facility.