industrial part washing
  • Customer: Manufacturer or construction and agricultural equipment

  • Item to Clean: Variety of steel and aluminum parts and sub-assemblies

  • Contamination: Machine coolant, oils, chips, and manufacturing soils

  • Process Parameters: Wash, ambient blowoff

  • Cleanliness Required: Visually clean and oil break free

  • Dryness Required: Some residual moisture acceptable

  • Production Rate: Not specified

  • Machine Type: Aquamaster CB-2400E (Conveyorized Belt)

Customer Background

A leading global manufacturer of compact equipment used in construction, landscaping, agriculture and by municipalities. Company has a major presence in Europe and North America.


Customer required a conveyorized cleaning system to process a wide variety of components. Additionally, the machine was required to fit within a manufacturing cell with floor space constraints, and must allow for an accumulation of parts on the exit conveyor in the event that unloading does not occur within a given timeframe.


Alliance Alliance provided an Aquamaster CB-2400E conveyorized parts cleaning system with wash and ambient blowoff modules. Machine utilized a specially engineered 90 degree unload conveyor equipped with a gravity-roller section and sensor to automatically stop the conveyor when parts accumulate at a pre-set volume.