• Customer: Producer of batteries and tactical communication devices

  • Item to Clean: D cell batteries (30 pieces per tray)

  • Contamination: Electrolyte residue, handling residue

  • Cleanliness Required: Critical area: electrolyte fill port area

  • Dryness Required: Critical area: glass ring surface, 100% dry

  • Production Rate: 2,200 batteries per hour

  • Process Parameters: Wash, rust inhibit, heated blowoff

  • Machine Type: Aquamaster CB-1400E (Conveyorized Belt)

Customer Background

The customer is a leading innovator and producer of many types of batteries, and tactical communication devices. The company’s main applications are commercial, defense, and government entities. Batteries contain some of the highest density energy chemistry currently available.


The customer was seeking a washer for “D” cell batteries to remove electrolyte and handling residue, at a production rate of 2,200 batteries per hour. They also had to be treated with a rust inhibitor. Critical areas needed to be very clean and 100% dry.


Alliance provided an Aquamaster CB-1400E conveyorized belt parts washer with wash, rust inhibit, and heated blowoff zones. It utilizes a stainless steel conveyor belt with jam protection and adjustable belt speed. Alliance’s Full-Access canopy allows for easy access to the interior, and features pump shut-off sensors if opened during operation. Heated air is directed both above and below the conveyor in the blowoff zone. Also included are an exhaust fan system with condensate recovery and a photo-eye sensor at the load end for part detection. The customer opted to add an ethernet connection.

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