part washer for automotive
  • Customer: Tier II supplier of automotive components

  • Item to Clean: Exhaust components, measuring up to 11.46″ x 11.06″ x 2.83″

  • Contamination: Water-soluble stamping lube

  • Process Parameters: Wash, heated blowoff

  • Cleanliness Required: Visually clean

  • Dryness Required: 100% dry

  • Production Rate: Not specified

  • Machine Type: Aquamaster CB-3600E (Conveyorized Belt)

Customer Background

The customer has several stamping facilities throughout North America. Each facility focuses on a different aspect of automotive component manufacturing in medium to high volume. They also manufacture stamped metal components and welded assemblies.


The customer was in need of a parts washing system for automotive exhaust components of varying sizes, measuring up to 11.46″ x 11.06″ x 2.83″. The parts were contaminated with water-soluble stamping lube and needed to be visually clean and 100% dry upon exiting the parts washer.

aqueous parts washers


Alliance provided an Aquamaster CB-3600 custom parts washer with wash and heated blowoff modules. The machine is constructed of stainless steel and utilizes patented lift-off fiberglass canopy segments for ease of interior access. Spray nozzles are located on top, bottom, and sides of belt for complete washing coverage. The drying zone consists of three high-velocity air knives and medium-velocity air plenum. The conveyor speed is adjustable allowing for more precise cleaning control. Gas is used for heating both the wash solution and blowoff modules. Optional accessories included an exhaust fan system, dual micro-filtration with contamination sensors, dual mist collection systems, and a photo-eye product sensor at the load end to turn on the pumps and blowers in sequence as parts are loaded onto the belt. Custom paint colors were used to match the company’s existing machines.