tray washer
  • Customer: Manufacturer of food additives

  • Item to Clean: 40” x 17” x 1” stainless steel trays

  • Contamination: Food ingredient residue

  • Process Parameters: Wash, fresh water rinse, sanitizing rinse, blowoff

  • Cleanliness Required: Visually clean and sanitized

  • Dryness Required: Small amounts of residual moisture acceptable

  • Production Rate: Not specified

  • Machine Type: Aquamaster CB-1200D (Conveyorized Belt)

Customer Background

A leading global supplier of bioscience-based ingredients to the food, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and agricultural industries. Products include cultures and dairy enzymes, probiotics, and natural colors. The company has locations in over 30 countries.


Customer needed a custom, conveyorized cleaning system for removing residue from stainless steel trays used in the manufacture of a variety of food ingredients. Requirements of our conveyor cleaning system also included adherence to the customer’s unique machinery specifications.

tray wash system


Alliance provided the customer with an Aquamaster CB-1200D conveyorized cleaning system. Machine utilizes stainless steel components throughout, including the removable canopies and remote, wall-mounted NEMA 4X electrical control panel. The conveyor cleaning system incorporates product guides to orient the trays vertically for optimal draining.