Water-based parts cleaning systems preform a dirty job, removing chips, coolant, oil and other manufacturing soils from a wide variety of manufactured parts. In order to keep an aqueous parts washer at peak performance, periodic maintenance is a must. With any part cleaning process, there are four essential elements: detergent, mechanical agitation (spray), heat, and time. If any one of these four elements is missing, then the cleaning performance of the machine will be compromised.

At Alliance Manufacturing, a primary focus is maximizing machine up-time and keeping them easy to maintain. We recognize that a poorly maintained machine is a poor performing machine. We took a close look to determine how we could improve our designs to save money and minimize down-time. We talked to our customers and were hearing that changing spent heating elements was timely and draining the solution was costly. At that time, we started working on our newest feature, the AquaFire drop-in heating elements.

Standard heating elements are typically horizontally mounted through the tank sidewall and are either flange-mounted or threaded into a coupling. In order to change out a conventional through the tank wall element, the tank must be drained prior to heater replacement.

The basis for our new AquaFire starts with an element designed for dirty water applications. The element has an incoloy sheath which is extremely corrosion-resistant, and flat surface geometry prevents debris build-up on the element, which extends heater life. Our design incorporates a submersible watertight stainless steel junction box and tube extension that allows the heater to be tank top-mounted for drop-in quick change-out. Alliance AquaFire drop-in heating elements save money by maximizing machine up-time, reducing maintenance time and saves on chemical expense. The AquaFire heating elements are available on our Aquamaster XE-Series conveyorized parts cleaning systems.