fixtured wash cabinet

A rebuilt cabinet washer can save you money and prolong the longevity of capital equipment. Alliance rebuilt an Aquamate SF-4848 front-loading cabinet washer with interchangeable stationary fixtures for a customer located in Wisconsin. The original machine served the customer’s needs well but they needed to have it retooled for a new crankcase project they were awarded. By remanufacturing their existing machine, we were able to breathe new life into it, retool it for a new application, and offer a new warranty – all the while saving this customer a considerable amount of money over purchasing a new machine.

This rebuilt cabinet washer with interchangeable stationary fixtures incorporates a unique quick-disconnect fixture connection that provided this Wisconsin customer the ability to retool their parts washer by easily exchanging one fixture design with another. This design provides the customer infinite part cleaning flexibility while maximizing their single machine investment.

This machine design excels at the following:

  • Meets critical cleanliness specification requirements
  • Parts requiring dedicated hole pattern coverage
  • Provides flexibility to easily exchange internal fixtures as needed

Alliance is dedicated to maintenance-friendly cleaning systems and long-term affordability. To discuss refurbishing your parts cleaning equipment call 1-800-969-7960.