Parts washer with sump system
  • Customer: Defense, security, and aerospace company

  • Item to Clean: Disks (2 types: stainless steel, and silver/lead coated with ceramic

  • Contamination: Cutting oils

  • Cleanliness Requirement: Surface tension of 50-53 Dyne; contact angle of 40 or less

  • Dryness Requirement: 100% dry

  • Production Rate: 1400 parts per 8-hour shift

  • Process Parameters: Wash, pre-rinse, rinse, final rinse, heated blow-off

  • Machine Type: Aquamaster CB-1400E (Conveyorized Belt)

Customer Background

The customer is a US-based supplier for the defense, security, and aerospace markets. They primarily serve the US Department of Defense and other federal agencies, providing military and rotary-wing aircraft to all five branches of the US armed forces. They also provide products and services to international governments.


The customer needed to clean machine cutting oils from two types of disks: 5″ diameter stainless steel disks, and 3.7″ diameter silver/lead disks coated with ceramic. The production rate is 1400 parts per 8-hour shift, with manual loading and unloading of the parts. The parts were subject to a cleanliness specification including surface tension (Dyne) and contact angle.

Inside of parts washer


Alliance provided a conveyor belt cleaning system, the Aquamaster CB-1400E, with multiple stages. The stages included wash, pre-rinse, rinse, final rinse (de-ionized water), and heated blow-off. An oil skimmer was added to further remove oils from the wash solution tank, and filter chambers aid in preventing re-depositing of particulate contamination. This design allowed the cleaning system to meet the required strict cleanliness specification. The customer also opted for a sump pump system for convenient removal of solution from the wash and rinse tanks.

Parts washer with filtration