Parts washer for engine camshaft covers
  • Customer: Manufacturer of machined cast aluminum components

  • Item to Clean: Engine camshaft covers

  • Contamination: Machine coolant and chips

  • Process Parameters: Wash, rinse, ambient blowoff

  • Cleanliness Required: 10 mg maximum contaminant mass

  • Dryness Required: As dry as possible with ambient blowoff

  • Production Rate: 1 part every 15 seconds

  • Machine Type: Aquamaster CB-1200 (Conveyorized Belt)

Customer Background

A leading supplier of aluminum and magnesium custom die-cast components to the automotive industry, employing strict quality and process control for complex products. The company also provides design and engineering assistance as well as value-added manufacturing processes.


The customer needed an inline conveyorized system to clean machined cast aluminum cam covers for a major Japanese automotive manufacturer with operations in North America. The machine was required to convey product in a specific orientation for optimal cleaning and moisture removal while maintaining a 15-second cycle time. Adherence to the customer’s corporate machinery specifications was also mandated.

Cleaning engine camshaft covers


Alliance provided an Aquamaster CB-1200 conveyorized parts cleaning system with wash, rinse, and ambient blowoff modules. The machine utilized special product guides which were engineered to maintain part orientation in a manner that, in conjunction with strategically located spray nozzles and compressed air ports, optimizes cleaning, rinsing, and removal of moisture. Other features included sound-dampening components, customer-specified controls, custom paint scheme, and a product sensor on the exit conveyor to automatically stop the conveyor when parts not promptly unloaded.