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The Aquamaster CB-DP conveyorized dip parts cleaning systems are designed to clean small, high-volume, non-precision parts. Dip and spray washers are ideal where continual throughput is required within a small footprint.

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The following standard features are included on most Alliance parts washers. Standard features will vary by machine model.

The solution tanks on the Alliance parts washers are constructed of heavy gauge, Type 304 stainless steel for extended equipment life. Tank bottoms are sloped to allow for complete drainage.

Periodic maintenance of the nozzles is important for optimum machine performance. Clip-on spray nozzles allow for quick and easy removal, cleaning, and adjustment without the need for tools. Nozzles are made of polypropylene and are available in a variety of sizes and flow rates/angles.

The Firebar-style electric heating elements feature a flat surface geometry, which reduces scaling, coking, and degrading. Gas burner and steam heating systems are also available.

Operating at the correct solution temperature will optimize the cleaning performance and save on energy costs. A thermostat controller allows the operator to adjust the heat setting to achieve the desired operating temperature. Heating elements will automatically cycle on/off to maintain the set temperature.

With water-based parts washers, evaporation occurs naturally. Water make-up can be done automatically, eliminating the need for the operator to monitor the solution level. A level sensor actuates a solenoid valve when the solution level is low, allowing water to enter the machine. The pump and heat source will shut off to prevent damage until solution reaches adequate levels.

A horizontal solution pump is available in varying materials and ratings depending on the cleaning application.

E-Series models include rear tank access with a removable chip basket for coarse filtration.


The following optional accessories can be purchased with most Alliance parts washers. Additional items may also be available.

The “Aqualescer” is an oil coalescer with stainless steel parallel plate design for removing floating oils from aqueous cleaning solutions and process tanks. These oil coalescers are also offered in mild steel construction for machine coolant tank applications. Five (5) standard Aqualescer models are available. Sizes range from 0.5 GPM to 3.0 GPM flow rates.

A belt-type oil skimmer removes floating contaminants from the surface of the solution. The 1” belt is constructed of stainless steel and can remove up to 0.5 gal/hr of floating oils.

Micro-filtration includes an externally mounted filter chamber located on the discharge of the solution pump. A stainless steel inner basket holds a disposable bag that filters 100% of a cleaning solution. Filter bags are available in a range of micron sizes, sized based on the application. Filter chambers are available in a variety of capacities, configurations, and either stainless steel or mild steel construction. A contamination sensor can also be added to monitor filters and trigger an alarm condition.

Cleaning chemistry can be automatically added during operation by a water-driven proportional injector. The chemical injector automatically adds the desired percentage of chemistry, mixing water and chemical prior to entering the solution tank.

Stainless steel nozzles have a standard NPT male thread and are screwed directly to interior spray piping. Stainless steel nozzles may be used in place of or in addition to PPRO spray nozzles.

The Alliance DP-series dip parts cleaning system incorporates a dual-zone heated wash with optional blow-off capabilities. The customer’s parts are easily loaded into the low elevation intake chute which resides above the first stage of a dual-stage heated wash configuration. After the parts are processed through the agitated dip zone, they are conveyed upward out of the dip zone through the second stage heated power spray wash zone which allows the wash solution to wash away the contamination from the parts. The parts are further conveyed upward through an optional blow-off zone which dries the parts before they are off-loaded through the discharge chute and into a customer-supplied container.

The DP-series dip industrial parts washer incorporates a unique, ease-of-maintenance hinged conveyor design that lifts upward, providing easy access to the interior of the wash tank for periodic cleaning. The machine utilizes a user-friendly relay logic control for easy machine control.